The II International Competition of the Moscow Conservatory for young composers



  1. The Competition Aims are to:

1.1. Identify young talents and encourage creative youth development.
1.2. Create a system of support for young talents.
1.3. Promote contemporary classical music.

  1. General Regulations

2.1. The name of the competition —International Competition of the Moscow Conservatory for young composers«New Classics»(hereinafter referred to as — «the Competition»).
2.2. The founder of the Competition — Moscow P.I.Tchaikovky Conservatory (hereinafter referred to as — «the Conservatory»).
2.3. The Competition will be held from 1 June to 15 November 2020.

  1. The Competition Organisation

3.1. The Organizing Committee — provides organizational support of the Competition’s events and invites an expert panel of jurors.
3.2 Directorate of the Competition – provides organization of the Competition.
3.3. Competition entries shall be submitted anonymously and evaluated by an objective and expert panel of jurors. The jury chooses the best works on the professional criteria.

  1. The Competition Nominations

The Competition will be held in two nominations:
4.1. Contemporary Academic Music:
This category emphasises innovative elements in music, including aspects of aesthetics and language. The use of extended instrumental performance techniques is welcome.
Accepted are works for any ensemble set from 3 to 18  performers within the following frame:

1 flute (or flute-piccolo, or alto flute), 1 oboe (or English horn), 1 clarinet (or bass clarinet, or clarinet in Es), 1 bassoon, 1 horn, 1 trumpet, 1 trombone, percussions (2 musicians), 1 piano (without preparation), 1 harp, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 double bass. The use of two extra instruments from the orchestra is possible.

4.2. Popular Modern Classics:
This category place focus upon mass audience and stylistic variety of musical means. It further welcomes various genres and styles, such as neoclassical, neobaroque music,crossover a.o.
Accepted are the works for any ensemble setfrom 3 to 30 performers within the following frame:

2 flutes (or flute-piccolo, or alto flute), 1 oboe (or English horn), 2 clarinets (or bass clarinet, or clarinet in Es), 1 bassoon, 2 saxophones, 2 horns, 2 trumpets, 2 trombones, 1 tuba, percussions (2 musicians), 1 piano (without preparation), 1 synthesizer, 4 violins I, 2 violins II, 2 violas, 2 cellos, 1 double bass.

  1. The Competition Procedure

5.1. The Competition in open to composers aged from 14 to 35 as on 15 November 2020.

5.2. The Competition will be held anonymously, each score which is submitted with the application will have individual identification number.

5.3. The Competition will be held remotely and will consist of the qualifying round and two main rounds (the first round and the second round). The Competition will be held on following dates:

– The qualifying round – from 15 September to 4 October 2020
– The first round – from 5 to 25 October 2020
– The second round – from 30 October to 14 November 2020
– The results announcement and the final concert of prizewinners works will be held on 29 November 2020 at the Rachmaninov Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

5.4. The scores submitted along with the application form will be admitted to the qualifying round (if they meet the conditions of the present Regulations).

A maximum of 100 scores (not more than 50 scores in each nomination) will be admitted to the 1st round, upon the decision of the qualifying round jury panel.

A maximum of 10 scores (not more than 5 scores in each nomination) will be admitted to the 2nd round, upon the decision of the main Jury (1st and 2nd rounds jury panel).

5.5. The decision of admittance to the 1st  and 2nd rounds will be made by the jury panels and will be based upon the scores. All the scores that will be selected for the 2nd round will be performed by the Studio for New Music Ensemble. The performances will be recorded, and the Jury will be provided with the digital video recordings. The Jury’s decision on the prizewinners will be based both upon the scores and the recordings made by the Studio for New Music.

5.6. Each participant can submit up to 3 own works, each one should not exceed 10 minutes in duration. It is possible to take part in both nominations: the total amount of the submitted scores shall not exceed 3.

5.7. Announcement of the results:

-the participants will be notified about the results of the qualifying round by email.
-the results of the 1st round will be publicly announced on the next day after the round is over. The list of the competitors who are admitted to the 2nd round will be published online at the Moscow Conservatory website.
-the results of the 2nd round will be publicly announced at the final concert of the Competition.

5.8. The composers, whose works will be admitted to the 2nd round shall provide parts and other performing materials within 3 days after the announcement of the 1st round results.

  1. The Application Procedure

6.1. The application process starts on 1stJune 2020 (at 00:00 Moscow time zone) and closes on 15st  September 2020 (at 23:59 Moscow time zone).
6.2. In order to participate in the Competition the applicants are required to register at the internet platform:  www.newclassicscompetition.artand to submit the electronic application containing following information:
6.2.1. Full name, date of birth
6.2.2. Valid email address of the participant; (the address will be used to confirm the registration on the website as well as for other information related to the Competition)
6.2.3. Citizenship and country of residence
6.2.4. Brief artistic biography
6.2.5. A PDF score without any identifying information. The scores that contain any identifying signs, names or any personal information will not be accepted for the Competition
6.2.6. Optionally, an MP3 audio file with the recording of the work submitted for the Competition.
6.3. The composers whose works will be selected for the 2ndround must provide following additional information within 3 days:
6.3.1 The data page of the passport or other identity document (containing photograph and the signature of the owner)
6.3.2. One neutral background artistic photo with a resolution of at least 300 DPI
6.4. The Russian citizens provide additional information (prizewinners only):
6.4.1. The page of the internal Russian passport, which contains registration records. The registration should be valid for the whole period of the Competition;
6.4.2. INN (Taxpayer Personal Identification Number issued by the Federal Tax Service of Russia );
6.4.3. SNILS (Insurance Number of Individual Ledger Account issued by the Pension Fund of Russia).
6.5. The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to accept applications which do not meet the above-mentioned requirements.
6.6. By applying, the applicant declares his/her full agreement with all the clauses of the present Regulations

  1. The Competition Jury

7.1. The Jury consists of famous Russian and foreign composers and performers. The jury member list will be published on the Competition’s website no later than 1 July 2020.
The Jury consists of
– qualifying round jury panel
– 1stand 2ndround jury panel
7.2. The submitted works will be evaluated and the winners will be selected by secret vote of the Jury members.
7.3. All the Jury’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed

  1. Prizes and Awards

8.1. The Competition offers the total of the prizes 1 000 000 rubles.
1 Prize – 500 000 rubles (in each nomination)
2 Prize – 500 000 rubles (in each nomination)
8.2. The Jury shall award at least two prizes.
8.3. All the competitors will be provided with electronic certificates of participation.
8.4. The works selected for the 2ndround of the Competition will be recorded and released on audio disc.
8.5. Upon the agreement with the Organizing Committee any public organizations, including foundations and/or mass media, may offer additional prizes, awards and/or gifts for the competitors. Decisions on the awarding of any special prizes and/or gifts to the competitors will be taken by the Jury of the Competition

  1. Financial Terms

9.1. There is no entrance fee to take part in the Competition.
9.2. All prizes and awards will be paid to the Competition prizewinners in Russian rubles, reduced by taxes in accordance with Russian tax legislation.

    10.  Special Conditions

10. 1. There is no remuneration for the participants.
10.2 The final concert may be broadcasted live and recorded for further broadcasts as well as for audio and video releases. The final concert may be streamed in Internet.
10.3. All rights to broadcast, stream online and to release audio / video recordings of the final concert without any additional fee for participants belong to the Conservatory.
10.4 Composers, whose works will be selected for the 2ndround grant non-exclusive rights to publish their scores in the Competition printed compilation.
10.5. The Conservatory does not provide visa support for competitors, nor does it cover travel expenses, accommodation or insurance for these who may wish to attend the final concert.
10.6. By submitting the application, the participant declares his/her full agreement with all the clauses of the present Regulations.
10.7. The Regulations are published on the Conservatory’s official website in Russian and English. In case of any divergence in the interpretation of any of the clauses of the Regulations the Russian version shall prevail.

  1. Contacts

Official Address of the Competition Directorate:
Moscow State P.I Tchaikovsky Conservatory, Centre for Contemporary Music.
13/6 Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street
Email: info@newclassicscompetition.art
Official website: https://newclassicscompetition.art