The School of New Classics

The School of New Classics is a large-scale education program. Its objectives are to provide young composers with practical knowledge about the newest techniques of composition, actual latest trends of composition art, personal brand management, modes of collaboration with production centers and movie industry, basics of copyright and other topics that are crucial for contemporary composers.

The courses will be held from 14 to 16 November, 2018.


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Educational Modules

Actual trends of composition

The module «Actual trends of composition aims» to encourage your successful career and to provide you with the knowledge on the most recent tendencies in the art of composition.

Personal brand management

What is a personal brand identity? How to build it? Personal branding is a result of your activities and experiences, which are crucial for building a resume. The «personal brand management» module offers you information on the pitfalls of a personal branding.

Promotion and social media marketing

The social media and promotion play an important role in today's world. The speakers of «Promotion and social media marketing» will discuss in depth the main tendencies and instruments of the SMM and how to apply these.

Collaboration with producer centers

Why having a producer is so important for your music? Which are the secrets to «collaboration with a producer»? How to stay trending? The module will teach you the basics of working with the producer centers.

Movie industry

«The movie industry» is one of the most growing and developing fields. How to become a film composer? What should be done in order to see you music on a film? All this and more is the focus of the module.

Author law for composers

The right of publicity, the right to reputation and more – these crucial for emerging composers topics will be discussed as part of the module «Author law for»


Ivan Uryupin

Curator of "Movie industry" module, teacher at the Moscow film school, composer

Andrei Purtov

Curator of "Personal brand management" module, Tutor of "Marketing and brand management" program at the Britisch higher school of design

Maxim Yurin

Curator of "Promotion and social media marketing" module, strategic director of the digital agency "Little Big Agency"

Vitaly Kalyatin

Curator of "Author law for composers" module, PhD in Law, member of UNESCO Chair in copyright and other intellectual property rights

Борис Тараканов

Российский писатель, музыкант, дирижёр, создатель крупнейшего нотного архива в Российской Федерации

Александр Маноцков

Российский композитор и исполнитель

Иван Буртник


Светлана Барабанщикова

Стратегический менеджер партнерской программы YouTube в России, СНГ и Израиле

Тристан Мюрай

Французский композитор, исполнитель, музыковед и педагог